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RULES Marge Account
RULES Marge Account

[Image: .jpg]

Note :
if you want Chaos Essence you must Have Item ( CHAOS ESSENCE )

example Chaos Essence :
1. Tyr Warrior = You only choose Tyr Warrior Class ( Doombringer/Duelist/Titan/Grand Khavatari )
2. Aero Healer = You only choose Aero Healer Class ( Cardinal / Eva Saint / Shillen Saint )
3. ETC
Cannot Cross Job Like Tyr Warrior Orc change to Orc Sigel Knight << Read to Carefully
Fusing Race and Class , Merge Item :
  1. Your Weapon Change to your choice Class

  2. Your Armor Change to your choice Class

  3. All item on your Character will be Transfered to your Character

  4. Dyes Merge to Choice (ANCIENT TO ANCIENT / LEGEND TO LEGEND) but you can Choose STR / DEX / STR

  5. Level Main Character will be same level

  6. Subclass Character will be same level

  7. Dual Class Character will be same level

  8. Skill Exalted Learned will be moved to your new Character

  9. Total Rune Stone you using will be transfered to your new Character

  10. Default EXP gived is SP

  11. Skill you learned by your self

  12. Forgotten Spellbook Learning Recovery to your New Class

  13. Skill Enchant will be Exchange to Skill (But +is Like your character)

  14. If Leader Clan will be transfered to New Character
  15. This voucher only can use for 1 time Marge 
Rues & Cannot Merge :
  1. Hero cannot be transfered, your new account will be lose status hero

  2. Hero COC cannot be transfered, your new account will be lose status hero COC

  3. Point Olympiad will be removed

  4. Fame will be removed

  5. Point RB will be removed

  6. Your Statistic will be removed

  7. Your Character will renamed into : AccountChange01-100

  8. Your account will take over by administrator

  9. You should make new character for marge (You need to delete anakim protection on inventory before start marge)
Aggrement :
  1. Merge Class/Job will be handle it 1/24 Hours or you will waiting 1-24 Hours

  2. Administrator cannot give item you dont have

  3. No Request Item

  4. Administrator can be Change Agreement and Rules.

  5. Marge is service, it will not count as accumulated recharge point. 

  6. For indonesia player can buy with this link :
    Marge account just only for 1 times change and it cost 25$ (25icoins) for 1 time marge (please choose carefuly before decide to marge 

  7. For more information you can chat us on Website.
For indonesia player can buy with this link :
For international player can send payment directly using paypal
Additional rules = For all marge players GM will delete anakim protection from inventory (in new char)

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