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Little Guide To Play on This Server by Rhea
Little Guide To Play on This Server Since Update to Prelude of War...
Basically in this server there is two kind of zone farm, Adena farm zone and Coin farm zone. 
Coin zone :
Easy 50%  Gold Einhasad 1
Medium 60%  Gold Einhasad 1-2
Hard 70%  Gold Einhasad 1-3
Pvp 70% Gold Einhasad 1-4
And 4 different Difficuly too for Adena zone
Easy : 50.000 - 150.000
Medium : 150.000 - 300.000
Hard : 300.000 - 500.000
Pvp : 250.000 - 300.000 (Less adena but drop GE and good material too)
Tips farm Adena beside farm on Adena zone :
1. Farm Gold Einhasad Buy Istina/Octavis Neck. sell to NPC (100 Gold Einhasad = 4,6m Adena so 1 GE worth 460k Adena)
2. Farm Elite Box from Elite monster open and sell the R99 Gear to NPC. The fastest way to kill using assasin. (Elite location : Alligator Island / Isle of Prayer / Tanor Canyon / Ivory Tower / Breka Stronghold / Forest Mirror. NB : This Elite monster is not custom monster, its monster from prelude patch so a bit hard to kill)
NB: Most effective ways to farm, use 2 man party Iss + DPS on easy zone to farm GE and convert it to Adena with 1st Method, or if u use main char and strong enuf u can move to medium/hard coin zone. The best ways is use premium account, u get higher rate GE drop and Double amount the GE drop.

This some conclucion where to get Some Item :
Armor/Weapon/Epic jewel : Gold Einhasad Shop on Alt B | some epic jewel u can get from Tarrot/Giran Auction
Soul Crystal : Gold Einhasad Shop | Instance zone farm
Enchant Scroll : Moe Giran | Tarrot Card | Gold Einhasad Shop
Belt : Ceremony of chaos manager the Buttler using Mysterious mark
Head Acc : Moe Giran | Icoin Shop
Brooch : Reward New Character | Hero coin shop | Icoin shop
Right Bracelet : Reward New Character | Gold Einhasad Shop | Hero coin shop | Icoin shop
Left Bracelet : Vitamin manager at town by upgrade it | Hero coin shop | Icoin shop
Artifact Book and The Artifact : Giran Artifact Shop | Gold Einhasad Shop | Icoin Shop | Vote Shop (U need to compound the artifact manually)

And this some good stuff u need to have for developing your char :
Sayha Talisman (Get from tarrot and upgrade from tarrot to using sayha Energy / blessing)
Talisman Abudance (Get from Moe Giran Gambling)
Talisman Longing/Insanity (Tarrot Normal | Tarrot Premium | Aden NPC Upgrade)
Talisman Protection (Gold Einhasad Shop)
Venir Talisman (Gold Einhasad Shop)
Skill echant Codex (All Instance zone farm  | Gold Einhasad Shop | Vote Shop)
Soul Crystal (All Instance zone farm  | Adena shop | Gold Einhasad Shop)
Jewel Brooch ( New Character reward | Vote Shop | Gold Einhasad Shop)
Forgotten book (Buy from player | Farm hard zone/pvp zone)
Zodiac Agation (Random reward from Voting| Icoin Shop | Herocoin shop)
7sign Talisman (Random Reward from Voting|Tarot Regular | Tarot Premium)
Lilith Talisman (Random Reward from Voting)
Anakim Talisman (Random reward from voting)
Regular Tarot Card (Buy from Npc with Adena | Ashen Instance zone | Vote reward shop|Event)
Premium Tarot Card ( Ashen Instance zone | Vote Reward|Event)
Ancient Kingdom Cloack ( Vote Shop | Hero coin shop | Icoinshop)
Hero Coin (Instance farm zone raid | Trade Gold Einhasad)

Elycium : Farmable at Pvp zone
EOD Pack : Farmable at Hard zone both Coin/Adena and in pvp zone too
Giant Energy Pack : Farmable at Hard zone both Coin/Adena and in pvp zone too
Elycium Crystal : Break Bloody/Dark Armor from Gold Einhasad Shop
Dark/Bloody armor Stone : From Elite box and from Regular Tarrot
Dark/Bloody Weapon stone : From Regular Tarot / From Raid

How to make Khrisna Weapon :
Make +10 Bloody/Dark Weapon Bring it to Feris Blacksmith Aden to upgrade it (Need 462 Gem R, 94 Elycium, 8,9B Adenas)
Upgrade to Limited Khrisna Bring it to Mammon Blacksmith atAden/Rune/Giran (Need 3849 Gem R, 47 Elycium, 30 Dark/Bloody Weapon stone, 14B Adenas)
NB: Why +10? Coz more than that will cost You very huge Resource to upgrade it.

How to Get Leviathan Armor :
1. By Crafting, Leather set Material and Recipe you can get by farm at fafurion, Heavy Set you can get at Dragon Valley, Robe set still unavailable by farm
2. By Drop Raid (Orfen Spawn 7 Days / Baium spawn 10 Days)
3. By Upgrade from Limited/Transced Armor stage 6, Bring it to Feris Blacksmith at aden, 
Ingridients to make Dark Armor into Lvl 6 Ultimate Armor is :
    419 Dark Armor Enhancement Stone
    898,810 R-grade Crystal
    28,102 R-grade Gemstone
    11,250 Energy of Destruction
    6,755 Giant's Energy
    9,012 Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor
Ingridients to make Bloody Armor into Lvl 6 Transcend Armor is :
   1074 Bloody Armor Enchant Stone
    898,810 R-grade Crystal
    28,102 R-grade Gemstone
    11,250 Energy of Destruction
    6,755 Giant's Energy
    9,012 Scroll: Enchant R-grade Armor

How to Easy Enchant Weapon :
1. From 1-15. Use Destruction Weapon Enchant from Gold Einhasad Shop
2. For 15-35. Use Blessed Weapon on Gold Einhasad Shop it have 70% Succes rate till +29 for +30++ only 50% rate, if succes +1 if failed its drop by 2 not drop to 0. Max +35
3. For 15-25. Use Gold Royal Card From Regular Tarot, the chance is lower than bless but if failed its -1. If succes its +1 to +3. Max +25
4. For 15-30. Use Grain Scrol From Gold Einhasad Shop. If failed its stay not drop at all. if success its +1 to +3. Max +30

How to Easy Enchant Armor :
1. Use Blessed Armor from Gold Einhasad Shop, it have 70% succes rate till +9. for +10++ its only have 50% succes rate. Succes +1 if failed drop by 2. Max +15
2. Use Black Royal Save Card from regular tarot, the chances is lower that Bless from Gold Einhasad. but if failed only -1, and if succes +1 to +2. Max +11

How to make Shiny Elemental Shirt :
- Buy a Power Shirt and enchant it to +7. (Alt B L2 store, Hero coin shop. Shirt for the Power shirt, Enchant scrol for the scroll, all in adenas)
- Go to Fantasy Isle, talk with Paddy and go to: "I'd like to exchange Power Shirt for Pa'agrio's/Sayha's/Eva's/Maphr's Shirt" trade it to whatever shirt +7, don't choose Maphr's Shirt.
- Talk with Paddy again and go to: "I'd like to get a Shirt Exchange Stone, please" and exchange this +7 shirt for a stone.
- Buy a Power Shirt and enchant it to +8.
- Talk with Paddy and go to: "I'd like to exchange Power Shirt for Pa'agrio's/Sayha's/Eva's/Maphr's Shirt" trade it to whatever shirt +8, again no Maphr's Shirt.
- Talk with Paddy one last time and go to: "I'd like to exchange my +8 shirt for the same but +10 one!" and get your +10 Shiny Elemental Shirt from the +8 shirt you selected before.

How to make Radiant Circlets :
- Buy a Circlet at alt B mamon, rare item choose your circlet
- Enchant it to +5 (u can use Hair acc enchant from Moe safe till +3 dont go more than that coz if failed it will gone, and use the bless circlet enchant scrol when +4/+5)
- Buy the Upgrade Stone at Adena shop, Bring to Feris Aden to upgrade it into Noble
- Repeat the Process until become Radiant

Thats all My Little Guide from me.. if u want to ask something about the game u can PM me on game, my Nick on Signature.. Thx

PS : If u are solo player maybe u better buy Premium, since it will triple the Adena and double Coin amount when farm, and it will boost your exp very much. Or if u want to farm faster from begining u can buy starter farm pack at
[Image: DONT-LIMIT-YOURSELF-608x400.png]
IGN : Rhea 

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